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Layer: Discharge 710 Cumecs North Esk (ID: 20)

Name: Discharge 710 Cumecs North Esk

Display Field: st_area(shape)

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: North Esk Flood Water Surface ProfilesforMultiple Discharges for use in Planning & Emergency ManagementGeneralThese maps indicate North Esk derived flood levels from the Black Bridge to Corra Linn. The maximum flood levels below Hobblers Bridge are determined by South Esk discharges into the Tamar which provide higher elevations than the North Esk discharges for the same Average Recurrence Interval (ARI).To predict flood levels in the lower North Esk with low South Esk discharge, the, please consult the LCC Flood Warning Manager. As the user travels up river the impact of the South Esk on the North Esk flood levels diminishes and effectively disappears at Norwood WWTP. DischargesHydro Consulting was commissioned to review the South Esk hydrology while the North Esk hydrology was derived by the University of New South Wales Water Research laboratory. The Table 1 indicates the results of latter study used in the construction of this map.Flood Return Period in Years ARINorth Esk Flood Discharges (UNSW WRL 2006)103452041950526100614200710500851Table 1The adopted tail-water level used in the analysis for this map was 2.1 m AHD at the junction with the Tamar for all discharges. This represents the highest astronomical tide at Launceston with average atmospheric pressure and neutral wind conditions. The North Esk model was successfully calibrated to the flood which occurred on 30thAugust 2005 which peaked at 470 cumecs and the flood which occurred on 21stJune 2011 at 251 cumecs.For other tail water conditions both lower and higher than 2.1 m AHD please consult Steve Ratcliffe the Flood Warning Manager.

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